Joy Returning

Originally posted March 21, 2014

Every Friday I link up with the ladies on Lisa-Jo Baker’s site for 5-minute Friday.  It is 11:30 pm and I almost missed it again.  This week I took part in my own 5-minute Tuesday because apparently that is how I roll these days.

Lisa-Jo gives a prompt, then we write without edits or re-dos for 5 minutes.  Today’s prompt is JOY.  Go.

For months, they have looked at me with their sad eyes asking, “Do you think maybe one day we will move back?”  Maddie May said to her Kristen just last week, “Maybe if daddy gets fired we can move back to North Carolina.  That would be good.  I would like that.”

Heart breaks again and again.

I thought things would be different once we bought our house, once we lived in a real home again with space, and a yard, and neighbors.

But still it is hard some days, many days.

When they say, “It’s a little better, but we still want to go home.”

Oh how my heart hurts and wonders when they will love this as home, when they will look out their doorway and see a place they would hurt to leave, when they will begin to put down their precious tender roots that I love so dearly and will do anything to protect.

It is still hard some days. But then the sun comes out, and they trot off to the woods.  Big brother with his pocket knife, not so big brother chasing behind, and little sister in her polkadot rain boots.   Off they go, only to return covered in mud, smiling ear to ear, beginning to love this place we now call home, beginning to peel a layer or two off the shield they have been carrying for 20 months.

Soaking wet, covered in mud, with 3 inches of rain in their boots.  JOY, Unspeakable joy.  It is returning.

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